Put trash in its place with D.Waste

Managing waste is now so much easier thanks to our AI engine. By taking a picture of the waste, users can determine its type and receive rewards for properly disposing of it. The app also provides suggestions on how to dispose of the waste correctly.


How it works?

The application utilizes waste classification AI engine to categorize waste into six types: Trash, Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass, and Cardboard. To determine the waste type, the user uploads an image of the waste to the application, and the AI engine identifies it. Once identified, the model calculates the carbon emissions associated with the material and provides waste management recommendations. By managing waste, users can earn reward points, and the app tracks the amount of carbon footprint saved. The application can be used offline, but an internet connection is required to submit misidentified waste images and to synchronize accumulated points. Additionally, a leaderboard is generated based on the saved carbon footprint.


(Suman Kunwar, CC BY-SA 4.0)


D.Waste offers features like AI-assisted learning, progress tracking, reward points for proper disposal, and a mission to make the Earth cleaner.

🚮🔍 Waste Identification

By simply taking a picture of waste, the app identifies the waste type.

🏆👤 Reward User

User is rewarded with points for disposing waste properly.

🌍🧠 Waste Awareness

The app provides helpful tips for managing different types of waste.

📶🚫 Offline Support

The app works without an internet connection.

📚🕰️ Manages History

The app stores managed waste and associated points on the device for future references.

Waste Management & Carbon Offset Rewards ♻️🌱🏅

D.Waste enables easy waste management, carbon offset mapping, and rewards for proper disposal, all at your fingertips.



Making waste management fun and rewarding. Download for free without ads or tracking.